Hosted by Megan @ A Barefoot Gal

I participated in the fourth round of Megan’s Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest. It was so fun!

I was on Team Raccoon and we placed second, having lost to first place by just one point!

Megan was very kind and gracious to let me post my photos on a message board I moderate since Madi Grace wasn’t ready yet. As you can see, I just couldn’t decide on how to watermark my photos during this time, so they differ quite a bit. 😉 Nevertheless, here were my photos and entries for the contest!

*Rest of photos and information coming soon!*

This photo is for the category of animal close-ups. I’m on Team Raccoon, and here is the story behind this photo…

When Megan announced the category was animal close-ups, I went “YES! I have the perfect one! HA-HAAA!” But when actually flipping through my photos, my excitement faltered by a great deal. With a 50mm lens, it’s very hard to get closeups. And the photo I had in mind of an adorable baby goat bleating was actually taken by my BFF… not me like I had assumed. That wasn’t good! I had planned all along to use that picture and there I was, sitting at my computer, thirty minutes before the deadline and still having to make a BIBPC poster. Not wanting to get a closeup of a stuffed animal, I dashed outside to see if I could find any lizards out at 11:30 AM. I only found two and was pleased with this photo. I hope this little guy counts as a small animal as I’ve gotten all of him… I really should experiment with my sister’s lens and do some real close-ups.

When I can find a bigger animal.

Go Team Raccoon!

For extra points, I made a very terrible poster for BIBPC the fifth. I had planned to spend way more time on it this morning after taking care of some things, but then I realized the photo I had planned wasn’t going to work. ANYWAY… enough excuses! Here’s the photo. If I hear wailing in misery all the way from your house, Megan, I know you’ve viewed this quite hideous poster.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago and slapped some text on as quick as I could. I think the picture is the only thing I like about this poster! LOL! It’s my favorite raindrop shot I’ve taken.

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