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CWWC | Challenge Seven

Monday, August 28, 2017

I used all three prompts and am on Team Shire.

I lean back in my torn leather chair, eyes closing in exhaustion despite the loud creaks the wheels make as they move beneath my weight. I no longer have the energy to pull my weary legs up to my beaten desk and rest my feet there, so I don’t.

Eyes closed and breathing struggled, I force my mind to ponder solutions instead of problems. The civil war in our county has costed us so much — and neither side wants to give in.

There are the city fighters, with children having hair dyed every color of the rainbow. Glitzy and fashionable, they insist their case and right to win is indeed just. 

There are the country soldiers — they’re tougher than many of most but lack the weapons others have. They, too, think their cause is most worthy to succeed.

Then there are the adventurers — they cross the boundaries separating the city and the country and go back and forth between the two. You know, with kids daring enough to skateboard down a waterslide or jump off a two-story building — those kinds of envelope-pushers.

And then there’s me — neither of the three. Life in the gray area is never easy — I don’t see eye-to-eye with the rest and all I want to do is to unite us into one again.

But the war is waging harder. Small city airplanes are shutting down, the signs lighting up with dangerous red letters: LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

Nothing is safe anymore.

It’s not how it used to be.

My eyes flash open, and I sit up, wincing again at the squeaks from my chair. After darting around my small smoke-bombed office, I squeeze my eyes shut again and run a nervous hand through my hair.

I slip to my knees and clench my hands into fists, not sure if I should clasp them together or raise them up to where my help comes from.

And there, on the wooden floor in my office, I kneel down and pray like it all depends on God — and with a plan from Heaven, I get up and go like it all depends on me.

There is work to be done to unite our fighting county, and I’m going to go do it.

Sorry it’s so quick. I wrote it while in pain so ?  Let’s kick some butt, Team Shire!

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